I’m Yuen Chan, a journalist who has worked in print, television and radio as a reporter, anchor and presenter and columnist in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. I’m currently teaching journalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I oversee the practicum magazine Varsity. I’m also a founding member of Journalism Educators for Press Freedom. A native of Hong Kong and London, I love Hong Kong and Canto culture.

The title of this blog is inspired by the words of Martha Gellhorn, who wrote:

 A writer publishes to be read; then hopes the readers are affected by the words, hopes that their opinions are changed or strengthened or enlarged, or that readers are pushed to notice something that they had not stopped to notice before.  All of my reporting life, I have thrown small pebbles into a very large pond, and have no way of knowing whether any pebble caused the slightest ripple.  I don’t need to worry about that.  My responsibility was the effort. 

Keep throwing pebbles!

*Views expressed are my own

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  1. Lee loeng says:

    I’M Lee loeng, a native cantonese, living in gwong zau city. I love cantonese language and culture too. Nice to meet you. Do you know How can I join Cantonese advocacy group?

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